Watch This Now: OKGO – “Skyscrapers”

“It ain’t always pretty, but it seemed there was no other way…”

Before we get started, I just got told that this is my 400th post here on Y,WGAV! That’s a pretty cool milestone if you ask me, so thanks to everyone that’s been involved so far! Looking forward to 400 more.

Moving on: You know how a few weeks ago we talked about Needing/Getting, the supposedly final video from OKGO‘s Of the Blue Colour of the Sky record? Yep, turns out we were wrong. They’ve got one last clip for us – the incredible eighth video from this record cycle over the course of 2 years. It’s for one of the slower jams on the record, and they’ve left it in the trusting hands of long time collaborator Trish Sie, who is the sister of lead singer Damian Kulash. She knows exactly how to work with these guys, and the exact kind of eccentricities that they are after in their videos – and although this might be a bit of a stripped-back affair in comparison to previous clips, it’s still a sweet and touching way to go out.

Sie teams up with her dance parter Moti Buchboot for a swell, sensual tango that only moves forward – the twist is that the dancers change the colour of their outfit as soon as they move ff screen. It creates this beautiful spectrum of colour and a dizzying display of what a simple dance routine can do. There’s no dogs, treadmills, cars, jumpsuits or Muppets… it’s just a clever idea with a vintage OKGO twist. NOW we’re done with Of the Blue Colour of the Sky… I think.


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