Watch This Now: Sheriff – “What You Want”

“I’m not what you need, but girl I’ll get to you…”

So, I’m a bit late to the party on Melbournian power trio Sheriff. I might not have even seen this video if it weren’t for my good friend Sam (a bootlegger over at Fan Made Recordings and star of this very clip) shooting it over to me. I figured better late than never – especially considering the band just launched their new EP over the weekend at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar.  This here song is on it – and if it’s any indication of what’s to come, then I need to grab myself a damn EP asap.

It’s not so much the concept of the video for What You Want – dudes play in room, people come and party/dance – but how it’s executed. The cast of characters in this video is nothing short of brilliant: from the long-haired dude riding the kid’s bike (I see you, Sam!) to the mustached gent stroking his chicken (that’s not a metaphor), the amount of craziness going on here really defines the video and sets the mood for the song’s free-wheeling, four-on-the-floor rock nature. There’s also snooty waiters, tennis players, two people dressed up like Adam Ant and a giant monkey suit. What more could you ask for? Party of the fucking century right there. Loving this something chronic – maybe you will, too.

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