Watch This Now: Drake – “Take Care” / “HYFR”

Since it dropped last year, Drake‘s Take Care has been doing wonders for him. Mass critical reception, huge charting positions and a world tour that has taken him to the biggest venues he has played to date. And the flow of content hasn’t stopped, either – he’s already dropped a new single, The Motto, in the interim; and over the weekend dropped not one, but two brand new videos on his blog, October’s Very Own. These two clips manage to encapsulate two very different sides of Mr. Aubrey Graham, but that alone is a reflection of the kind of artist that he is – you’ll rarely find him doing the same thing twice.

First up is the title track, featuring a now-blonde Rihanna. These two have done a video together – the fairly vanilla clip for RiRi’s What’s My Name? – but thankfully that precedent is completely wiped here. It’s a clip that deals with the heavy emotions of the song, often simply through the imagery of Drake and Rihanna embracing. The other side of it is the footage of the ox and the bird, which many people have expressed confusion over. For my two cents, I feel as though it’s a visual metaphor for the contrasts that can come with love – heaviness and gentleness, power and fragility etc. The best thing about it, however, is that it’s entirely up to you what it all means. See what you get out of it.

Next up, it’s party time. The concept for the HYFR (Hell Yeah Fuckin’ Right) clip is that Drizzy is getting “re-bar mitzvah’d” – whatever that means. It’s just a left-of-centre excuse for a party video, but you’ll be damned if these fuckers don’t do it well. It’s certainly got its eccentricities – Lil Wayne rapping in a panda balaclava, for instance – but its charm is the thing that shines through the most. Considering HYFR is arguably one of the weaker moments of Take Care, it’s pretty impressive that they’ve managed to make such a likable clip out of it. Mazel tov, Drake. Oh, and COME TO AUSTRALIA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

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