Watch This Now: Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines”

“Garbage in, garbage out, she’s getting what she wants…”

Holy word. Now we’re talking business. Rarely has the term “first the worst, second the best” been more applicable than with the two solo videos of the honourable Jack White III that have been released this year. The first, Love Interruption, although a nice enough little ditty, had a boring as hell video that was a plain baby-blue performance. Here, on White’s Sixteen Saltines, shit has gotten well and truly real. A collaboration with director AG Rojas, White has truly brought the crazy – it’s potentially the best video he’s been a part of since The White Stripes‘ twisted clip for The Denial Twist back in 2005.

What can you say about this flash of madness? Jack is arguably the least important player here – he starts off being tied up in a room and ends up being blown up in a car. The in-between involves complete disarray and chaos as a gang of hostile youths take over – trashing warehouses, asphyxiating themselves, sleeping in coffins, getting tattooed. You name it, they’ve probably done it in the course of less than three minutes. It’s insane. Judging from the YouTube comments, this video is reaching a whole new generation of kids who don’t get Jack White – and that excites me a lot more than you’d think. Roll on, Blunderbuss!


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