Watch This Now: Gossip – “Perfect World”

“Relax, it’s only dreaming fast, give away to feelings…”

Exciting times, friends. It’s been nearly three years since the last record from Gossip, the groundbreaking Music for Men. I’m happy to announce that next month the band will return with a new record, entitled A Joyful Noise, and we have now been treated to the first video and single to be lifted from it. The band have had some particularly cool videos in the past – the kitschy cut-and-paste cool of Standing in the Way of Control and the balloon-head roller-disco of Love Long Distance immediately spring to mind. With that said, I’d like to think that Perfect World stands proud amongst these fine clips.

Two things sell Perfect World utterly and completely for me. The first is Beth Ditto, the band’s fearless frontwoman who I will watch tirelessly and never grow weary. Her charisma, her passion, even the way she eyes the camera… I just find her to be wonderful. Biased? Without doubt. I can’t help it! Of course, it’s not just her doing that makes this a great video. The other selling point is a matter of colour. No, really: Starting out in gorgeous sepia and ending in a bright mass of colours is truly something to behold, especially when the transition kicks in with the final chorus. Magic. It’s great to have this band back.


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  1. kevincorcoranjr | Reply

    gossip! the ultimate sing-along pop package right now. the video for perfect world is so intriguing, i love the ominous tone throughout the film. the quick shots of the intense drum parts get me so amped! i really can’t wait for the new cd… just about a month away!

    1. I just pre-ordered A Joyful Noise yesterday. Cannot wait!

  2. […] but that doesn’t take away from its great songwriting, top-notch production and the fact that Perfect World remains one of their greatest-ever songs. With this in mind, I really hope people give A Joyful […]

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