Watch This Now: Battle Pope – “The Psalm of Barry Hall”

“Fuck it, fuck it all, fuck it all, OH YEAH!”

You up for something down and dirty to kick off your Tuesday morning? Yeah, probably not, when you think about it. But still, shut up! It’s totally a rhetorical question. Anyway, last month saw the official release of The Holy Trinity: Bitches, Dicks and Gonorrhea, the debut album from Sydney spaz-metal messiahs Battle Pope. If you hadn’t gathered from the names, blasphemy is the name of the game. Sexy, sexy blasphemy.

This, the band’s first video, was filmed both in a graveyard with a ghoul lady that just happened to be wondering around and in one of my favourite places in Sydney, Black Wire Records. They mix some cheesy faux-artistic graveyard wondering with their hyperactive miming – the latter so OTT that at one point, the drummer is just shaking the kit with his whole body rather than playing along. It’s about as much fun as you can pack into 90 seconds, really, and the band clearly had a blast putting it together. What more could you ask for? Party on, Battle Pope.

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