Watch This Now: Tenacious D – “To Be the Best”

“We got to learn to fly, we got to take it to the sky on the wings of an eagle…”

Here we go! Ten years after the world was first drawn into the unstoppable rock of Jack Black and Kyle Gass – better known as Tenacious D – the band have come back together to once again rock socks off and blow our minds with the greatest music ever written. Y’know, business as usual. Not counting the soundtrack to The Pick of Destiny, the D’s ill-fated feature film, their upcoming Rise of the Fenix is their first album since 2002. A lot has changed in that time, but it’s a relief to know that the D’s OTT humour and their larger-than-life characters are still intact.

Part music video and part trailer for Rise of the Fenix, the video sees the band attempt to get their groove back after so much time apart. We all know that there’s only one way to do that – a MONTAGE! With MUSIC! While former D drummer Dave Grohl gets them back in shape, popera singer Josh Groban gets their pipes back into shape. There’s a stack of other cameos, too, making this an absolutely riotous return to form. What more can be said? If you loved them back in primary/high school, you’re probably going to love them again now. Give it up.


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