Watch This Now: N’Fa – “March On”

“I don’t know what I’ve been told, but I don’t get love from radio…”

Take down the Missing signs! Call of the search party! At long, merciful last, motherfucking N’Fa is back! We only saw this guy fleetingly in the Bali Party video from Drapht last year, but prior to that it had been years since anyone heard from the former 1200 Techniquesfrontman. Apparently, he’s been off seeing the world, and his findings have been put together in a new EP entitledBabylondon. Awesome news for anyone who’s been wondering what this severely underrated MC has been up to as of late.

Never one to shy away from an ambitious video – see the legendary 1200 video for Karma, as well as the Heath Ledger-directed Cause An Effect – N’Fa has made a video without actually using any video. Yep, the all-photographs thing has been done many a time before, but I love the fact there are still cool and innovative ways to work within the format. Such is certainly the case here, as N’Fa moves about and interacts with art on the walls. The cartoons and the drawings are especially great when they refer to lyrics in the song, but the whole thing is just fascinating and fun to watch. I’m definitely a fan. More of this, please, N’Fa, and soon. Oh, and don’t you dare run off like that again without telling anyone!


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