Watch This Now: Paul Weller – “Dragonfly”

“Laugh at the life that’s inside of you, send in shadows under the trees…”

Here’s something new from Paul Weller. If that’s an unfamiliar name, perhaps you’ve heard of The Jam – one of the most influential rock bands in U.K. history. Although The Jam is long gone, Weller is still doing somereally cool and really interesting stuff, as found on his eleventh solo album Sonik Kicks, which was released just a couple of days ago. Thankfully, it’s as interesting visually as it is sonically, as this great new video for Dragonfly proves.

I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is no: I don’t just like the video for the tits. Oh yeah, there’s quite a few nipple shots here. Not the selling point. It’s art, doofus! The women used in the video have a myriad of artworks and designs projected onto their bare skin across the film, which might sound like a boring premise at first, but it actually gets gradually more interesting as the video progresses, especially as the imagery begins to reflect the nature of the song and its lyrics. This might be a controversial clip, but I’ve warmed to it really quickly. Who knows, maybe you’ll do the same.


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