Watch This Now: Melvins – “The War on Wisdom”

“The world is watching, I must have missed my calling…”

It’s not too early to let out an almighty “fuck yeah,” is it? Of course it’s not! After all, the fucking Melvins have a new video out. That is surely something worth “fuck yeah”-ing about. This clip is taken from the band’s forthcoming new EP, The Bulls and the Bees, and the clip sees a different version of the Melvins taking a starring role. No, it’s not Melvins Lite, the alternative line-up that have an album planned this year. Rather, the band is played by kid versions of themselves. Awesome, right?

The old rule in film has always gone that you are never to work with kids and animals. That might be true most of the time, but it’s worth mentioning that the four main kids that play the Melvins are actually pretty awesome. With Buzz Osbourne trapped in detention, the other 3 Melvins decided to break him out. There’s some cartoon violence and a pretty gorgeous detention teacher, and it’s sandwiched by the kids jamming out in their garage. High fives and rad times all round, really. Melvins have been ruling the roost for decades now, and this latest jam proves they show no signs of slowing down. Boom!


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