Watch This Now: Sky’high – “Let’s Just”

“Red alert that, too much fun, no time for the grind, too much sun…”

Something wicked this way comes for your Thursday morning. Meet Sky’high, one of the more promising new young talents coming from one of my favourite Aussie labels, Elefant Traks. She’s about to head out on tour opening for Elefant’s top dogs The Herd, but before she gets around to that she’s dropped a brand new single and a really fun video to go along with it.

Sky is quite possibly the most divisive ET act yet, with the video already recieving just as many dislikes on YouTube as likes. For my money, however, there is a lot to enjoy here. She has gone for a very fun montage of hanging out with her mates, which looks to be filmed around Sydney with some slap-dash editing tying it together. Yes, it’s the old hip-hop cliche of  “me and my mates jumping in front of the camera, acting kerrazy.” You’ve seen it before. We all have. I liked this much more than other videos of its ilk, however; mainly on the basis of the shoestring budget and the total lack of pretension. Sky’high isn’t trying to be anyone else, and that’s where the appeal lies. I, for one, hopes that she continues to be this controversial amongst Aussie hip-hop fans – as long as it means we get sweet, fun-loving and intriguing clips such as these.


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