Old Favourites: Misty’s Big Adventure – “Fashion Parade”

“There’s a revival every minute in the fashion parade, ‘coz there’s a lot of money in it…”

Here’s a fun one from a few years back, when the post-punk revival was getting majorly out of hand and NME was hounding at least a dozen bands at a time as “the next big thing.” Second half of the 2000s. You remember. Don’t act like you don’t. Anywaeys, this clip came along at pretty much exactly the right time, and it remains one of Misty’s Big Adventure‘s most popular tracks. What’s not to love, either?

In the video, the entire scene is satirised – from the video clips of bands like Kaiser Chiefs and Franz Ferdinand to the ridiculous fashions that go along with their fans from that time period, nothing is sacred and nothing is safe. It’s all done brilliantly well, especially in the oversell of the imagery and the apathy of the manager who takes off with the band’s money. Misty’s were one of the few bands who were prepared to tell it like it was at the time – and, sadly, they’re probably still one of the few. End the bland age!

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