Watch This Now: Vaura – “Drachma”

Here’s some brand new heavy rock currently doing the rounds that managed to get my attention within the first 30 seconds. While many of their contemporaries play the tiresome game of “Anything you can Tool, I can Tool better,” Vaura are focused squarely on creating something unique, engaging and fresh. This school of thought is also translated to this music video, the lead single from their new record Selenelion – if you hadn’t guessed already, it’s an absolute winner.

The colours are the first thing you’ll notice – or, rather, the lack thereof. It’s mostly greyscale/black-and-white, with a really great use of contrast in the cinematography that brings out a silver-y look to the video. The visuals come next – the black sand, the ocean, the skyline, the steam rising from a diamond. Members of the band are covered in water, wax and paint, with the video editing warping their faces into a glitchy mess. It’s a spectacle – a low-budget one, sure, but one that manages to resonate just as strongly as a million-dollar clip might; and perhaps even more. Highly recommended if you’re looking for some new prog-based stuff minus the bombast and the wank.

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