Watch This Now: Grimes – “Oblivion”

“Tell me that behind you, you always tell me you never have a clue…”

We’re wrapping up the week here at Y,WGAV! with an artist that I don’t know anything about. Yep, honesty’s the best policy, and up until yesterday I had no idea who the fuck Grimes – aka Clare Boucher – was. I’m still not that much wiser on the matter. Wikipedia says she’s 23 and Canadian. That helps. She’s got an album coming out, too. This is from it. It’s a start. Anyway, the reason we’re talking about Grimes is because of this video. I can’t quite recall how I got to it, but I’ve no complaints at all about this discovery.

Oblivion is a video of stunning contrast and painstaking visual irony. Boucher bounds about her surroundings sweetly, carefree and innocent. Where she finds herself, however, is far from it. Shot on location at a college football game as well as a dirtbike rally and a locker room, Boucher finds herself swarmed by shirtless machismo and unintentional homoeroticism. It’s a provocative and intriguing thing to watch. Quite dark at times, too. Basicially, I’m head over heels in love with this. I love it more with every view. We’re having a fantastic year for clips, I tell you. Don’t be surprised if this ranks highly in my EOY list.


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