Watch This Now: DZ Deathrays – “No Sleep”

“I don’t want it back now, no second chances when we’re hiding in the background…”

Bailed on hump day as there was just too much shit to get done. Shitty excuse, but it’s the only one I’ve got. Thankfully, I can make up for it with a great new clip from one of the hottest young acts this country has right now in the form of DZ Deathrays. We’ve featured the band on the blog before, and we’re now edging dangerously close to the release of their debut album , Bloodstreams. What better way to celebrate than with a video that is easily the band’s best – yep, even better than their infamous clip for The Mess Up, which saw them downing shots like utter champions in one take.

Here, the band pay tribute to the iconic Paul Simon video, You Can Call Me Al. In place of Chevy Chase, however, is American comic (and adopted Australian) Arj Barker, who mimes along to the song joyfully and in a total mocking rockstar fashion. There’s bongos, air guitar and even some sledgehammers at the end. As far as straight-up clip parodies go, this ranks up with the very best that I’ve seen in recent years. Deathrays are all about the good times, and they’ve got plenty of them here. Go see them on tour to find out what I’m talking about! And, in the meantime, watch this as many times as possible. Do it for Arjy Barjy.

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