Watch This Now: Bluejuice – “On My Own”

“Even though I know that it’s over, even though I know that it’s done…”

You’ve just gotta hand it to the boys of Bluejuice. Even when faced with the challenge of making a video for their most – quote – “serious” – unquote – single to date, they just can’t take themselves seriously enough to do anything short of hilarious and ridiculous. Sure, this doesn’t quite reach the lofty heights of Act Yr Age, or even the excellent Fear and Loathing tribute in follow-up clip Shock, which was sadly released during the blog’s hiatus. That being said, On My Own is an admirable effort from the band, and certainly one that’s going to raise a few smiles and crack a few chuckles as they are wont to do.

Similar to the recent Blood Orange video for Forget It, this is a very cheesy VHS style of video. It’s also a karaoke clip, which means there are plenty of nature shots, plenty of horrible wordless acting and a lot of both Jake Stone and Stav Yiannoukas singing longingly into the distance. It’s outstandingly cheesy, which is to be expected from the Bluejuice gang regardless – but it also very cleverly parodies the kind of classic karaoke videos that come with the dodgy DVDs and machines of yore. I suggest busting out a microphone and singing along. You might as well.

P.S: This is also apparently nominated for Channel [V]‘s Ripe Clip of the Week. Would love to see this, as well as director Sam Bennetts, get some exposure. Head over to this Facebook entry and chuck the boys a Like, whydoncha?

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