Watch This Now: Big Scary – “Leaving Home”

“Breathe in, I feel the weight as the words they tumble down…”

More great Aussie stuff, as we now look at Melbourne kids Big Scary. They’ve been smashing it since the release of their debut album Vacation, and it’s going to get better and better when they head out on the road next month in support of it. Another video has dropped for one of the album’s slower cuts, and it’s a bit more deep-and-meaningful than their last effort, the hilarious self-mockery of Gladiator. Nothing wrong with a bit of change, of course. And, after all, this could be their best video yet.

Leaving Home is a very clever one-take video which features a lot of movement, a linear storyline of love gone bad, wordless acting and some cool speed effects. I believe the song was played at 1.5 speed and then slowed down to sync to the song, which actually has a great effect. There’s no trickery here, either – the band’s performances in the clip have not been spliced into the clip. It’s all done in one take, and done quite beautifully if I do say so myself. I love how this video engages you from the very start, as well as the fact that there is so much to pick up about this clip that you might not get the first time around. Big Scary just keep on winning, and this video is proof of that.


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