Watch This Now: Passenger – “The Wrong Direction”

“You build your heart of plastic, you’re cynical and sarcastic…”

Is it weird that one of the nicest guys in the Australian music scene is actually a Brit? Whatever the case, I’ve come to know and love Mike Rosenberg – aka Passenger – over the course of roughly 18 months or so. A lovely guy with a great talent, and he’s just dropped his third studio album entitledAll the Little Lights. It’s a sweet, heartfelt and charming record, as good as anything he’s done before – and he’s added a very cute little video to go along with it.

Mike isn’t really the music video type, and you can tell from his minimal, almost begrudging, participation in the clip. Taking a KISS approach, Mike plays his guitar, runs in front of a video screen (see if you can figure out the meta-lyrical nod) and lies down in a kid’s swimming pool. Sure, on paper, it’s not much to look at. It comes together as very unpretentious and sweet-natured, however, and I think that’s about the best reflection you can have of Passenger’s music. I also love the little cartoons that randomly pop up here and there, which you should totally look out for. Essentially, Mike is a champion. If you disagree, you are wrong. Have a nice day!


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