Old Favourites: The Mavis’s – “Cry”

“You washed me in the shower, it lasted for an hour…”

Holy shit, 1998 was a good year. I will not hear a single word otherwise. Yes, I speak so highly of it almost entirely because it was the first year I was truly obsessed with music – pop music, at least – but that’s beside the point. Head over to the “1998 in music” Wikipedia page and tell me that year wasn’t a freaking goldmine. Right now, I want to hone in on an act that sadly never got the recognition that they so deserved beyond this one song. Cry came as a hit very late in the career of The Mavis’s, after being a band for nearly a decade after hitting the big time in 1998 after the release of their Pink Pills record. There was a lot of trouble within the band, but the conflict interestingly lead to their biggest success – strange, no?

Anyway, they really hammed it up for this clip. I never really got the irony of the clip, the biting sarcasm of their send-up of overly glossy pop videos, even recalling Ratcat clips from earlier in the decade. There’s big hair, make-up for everyone, blinding colour schemes and even an ABBA send-up that manages to crack up vocalists Matt and Becky Thomas while they’re doing it. Essentially, this is the poppiest anti-pop video you’ll ever watch from this era of Australian pop music. In a way, it’s kind of an “if you can’t beat them, join them” kind of video – which is basically why I still find it so fascinating after all these years.


One response

  1. I friggin loooove this song!!! Oh the memories! Been searching for the video everywhere, thanx for posting!

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