Old Favourites: Keane – “Everybody’s Changing”

“Tried to make a move, just to stay in the game…”

Am a bit poorly today, unfortunately, so haven’t really had a chance to do very much blogging. Thankfully, I’ll churn this one out – in spite of my sickness, there is some celebrating to do! Keane will return with their fourth studio album, Strangeland, this May. Always a massive deal in the U.K., these guys have been consistently underrated basically everywhere else on the planet – and that’s something that never quite made sense to me. They’ve made consistently good records and make stunning pop music, and in their time they’ve made some pretty swell clips, too.

This here is my personal favourite of theirs, just because of its deceptive nature. It starts out as a very plain performance video, with just the three of them playing to a white backdrop. The camera turns, however, and suddenly there are completely different people playing the instruments. And there’s a LOT of different people – you’ll see an eskimo, a soldier, a drag queen, a scientist… Sure, it’s a very simply executed video, but it’s clever and cute and fun. Especially great for a band that is always seen as taking themselves too seriously. Now, excuse me while I go cough up a lung.


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