Watch This Now: Bleeding Knees Club – “Nothing to Do”

“You never change, you’re always the same, I can’t stand the things you do…”

Hey dudes! Have a good weekend! I had a pretty insane double of SoundDave at Black Wire Records and my favourite band, Death Cab for Cutie, at the Enmore Theatre. Pretty pooped, to tell you the truth. No problem, we’ll soldier on. After all, there’s too many good videos out there! We’re kicking off this week with a 2-minute surge of sugary pop-rock power – that’s right, it’s Bleeding Knees Club.

Not content with being the reigning overlords of extended syllable choruses, the babyfaced twosome have decided to let loose in various other areas. This includes broomstick-riding, lazer-shooting, tree-ghost-killing, cape-wearing and demented-drumming-koala-destryoing. For what it’s worth, they manage to do it all pretty well, considering they’ve got roughly 110 seconds to work with. Heaps party. Heaps fun. If you like this, they’re going on tour in April. Suss it out and chuck a mosh.

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