The Cringe: Creed – “With Arms Wide Open”

“I close my eyes, begin to pray, tears of joy stream down my face…”

Another one from the list of friend of the blog, Mr. Ryan Towers. Not content with infecting me with horrid shit like LMFAO and The Europeans, he’s now decided to refocus my attention on one of the more embarrassing post-grunge turds to ever grace the ears of millions of goateed morons. We’ve spoken briefly about the atrocious phenomenon that was – and, sadly, still is Creed, talking about their hilarious Rain video back when it came out. That was just the tip of the Vedder-molesting iceberg, though. Here is where the true gold lies, in what is arguably the band’s biggest hit single.

There is more comedic gold in the first sixty seconds of this clip than you’ll probably find in a lot of modern sitcoms – all of which is unintentional and almost all of which is vocalist Scott Stapp‘s responsibility. The dude hams it up like an absolute champion, with his Jesus posing and clenched fists getting great little close-ups. Then there’s a bunch of missiles going around the place, a bell that falls through a hole and… I dunno, I can’t be bothered keeping up with this shit. It ends with Stapp just hanging out in the water. For some reason. Seriously, figure out the plot to this fucker and you get ten bucks.

And that’s about it.


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  1. Give it up already.

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