Watch This Now: The Ghosts – “Ghosts”

“I’ve considered all this, I’m not the only one that fights them…”

I know what you’re thinking, dear reader, and the answer is yes. I do think it’s weird that a band called The Ghosts have a song called Ghosts. Regardless, if you can get past this minor bout of confusion then you’ve got yourself a cracking slice of electronic pop fresh out of the UK, a phoenix that has risen from the ashes of the late, great Ou Est le Swimming Pool. Former live member, keyboardist Alex Starling, has started a new life here, and it sounds fantastic.

Ghosts has been brought to life in this excellent clip, which features some particularly sinister goings-on set in the surrounds of a creepy looking hospital. At least, you assume it’s a hospital. Then, it hits: What kind of hospital keeps a hamster wheel close by? And has ghosts haunting the place? Oh yeah, the visual metaphor thing is pretty massive in this clip, but thankfully manages to avoid most cliches. At least, they don’t have any white sheets over the top of them.

After being such a massive OULSP fan (The Golden Year is one of the best electro-pop records released in the past ten years), it’s great to see some great new music come out of it, not to mention a very cool video. Their debut album, The End, will be released in April; and I’m really looking forward to it. Until then, let’s get spooky.


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