Watch This Now: OFWGKTA – “Rella”

“Bitches on my dick, but look at me! I’m fucking beautiful!”

No rest for the wicked, y’all. OFWGKTA are back after the breakthrough solo success of Tyler, the Creator generated worldwide interest in the collective. Despite a tonne of backlash and a set at the Big Day Out in Sydney that left a lot to be desired, I still consider myself an Odd Future fan. These kids have some great ideas and some excellent tunes, and the craziness continues with this taster from their upcoming second mixtape/album.

This track features OF members Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis alongside Tyler, and the three of them all get up to a variety of mischievous antics. You’ll either find this absolutely hilarious or completely terrifying, depending entirely on which side of the coin you view Golf Wang. It’s pretty safe to say this isn’t a clip for the easily offended – especially the slapstick misogyny that is sure to have tongues-a-clucking while the group keep their tongues firmly planted within their cheeks. Personally, though, I found the whole clip wholly entertaining. I particularly loved Tyler’s turn as a cocaine-snorting centaur, as well as Genesis’ bullying of the little red-head kid. It’s rare to see a hip-hop video that is this much fun anymore, which is a damn shame. Put all pretensions aside and swag out.


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  2. […] Tape Vol. 2 that bad? It at least had a handful of great clips that we featured last year – Rella, Oldie and Sam (is Dead). Plus, I still count Frank Ocean as an OF member; and he […]

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