Watch This Now: Ed Vallance – “Crystalline”

“It’s just you and me, strange exchange of energy…”

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of Monday updates – not only was I having internet troubles (internet troubles, people!), but I spent most of yesterday working on my debut album. Yeah, clang and all that. Shit’s getting real, dudes. I’m really excited about this, and will share accordingly when it’s ready.For now, though, here’s a great little video that I’ve been meaning to get around to for weeks but just haven’t been able to fit into the schedule. Fear not, Ed Vallance – you do have a video, and it’s flippin’ great.

Vallance is an expatriate Brit currently living in Brooklyn, where he has just recorded his first album in four years, Volcano. Here, the lead single from it gets one of those brilliantly meta film-clips that doesn’t actually have any film involved. Across thousands of photographs, a daily routine is tracked of a very pretty young woman. It seems to go back and forth between forwards and backwards, which makes for some very tricky shots. That probably provides the most entertainment out of the entire thing, just figuring out which way it’s all going. Oh, and Vallance’s “cameo” in the second half is pretty cute, too; I guess. A fun, interesting clip from across the pond and into the mean streets of NY. See what you think.


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