Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Strangers are Strange”

“Gently my friend, gently my friend, it’s fun to pretend…”

Here’s some weirdness for you – to be expected, really, from a guy responsible for The Mint Chicks. This international act (one-third Kiwi, two-thirds American) have been generating quite a name for themselves in their relatively short time as a band, picking up acclaim from across the board. For whatever reason, though, I had never quite gotten around to checking them out. Loving what I’m hearing with this track – but, even more so, I’m loving what I’m seeing.

Not that I’m entirely sure what it is that I am seeing with this clip, mind. There’s an homage to 70s spy movies in there somewhere, along with some longing stares at the camera and some trippy sliced editing… and not a great deal else. It’s plotless and ultimately ends abrubtly, leaving you to wonder what on earth you just watched. For what it’s worth, though, this is a very entertaining clip. If you can figure it out, please enlighten me. For now, I’m just going to smile, nod and enjoy this for what it is… whatever that may be.

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