Watch This Now: letlive. – “Muther”

“I cannot rest easily, if it comes as fast as he did…”

Ahead of their visit for the upcoming Soundwave Festival, let’s catch up with one of the few bands on the bill that actually matter. This is letlive. – and they’re here to fuck shit up, no two ways about it. Although they’ve been peddling the wares of their latest album, Fake History, for roughly 18 months, they’ve only just gotten around to releasing the second video from it, following up the intense Casino Columbus clip. This one will certainly have many heads scratching, but it’s sure to get your attention.

Trainspotters will note the similarities to Radiohead‘s classic video for Just, with the mystery behind exactly what’s going on never quite being solved. What is the female antagonist saying to all the people at the party? And why is she ignoring vocalist Jason Butler, in spite of his numerous movements? Again, it’s something that is never quite figured out. It’s a fascinating ordeal, however, as it builds up and down through a series of highs and lows. Don’t bother over-analysing or attempting to explain this. Just revel in the enigma of it all. Oh, and if you’re going to Soundwave, fucking see this band.


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