Watch This Now: Briscoe – “Animal”

“Trying to do what I thought I could, it was never unthinkable…”

Welcome back, everybody! Hope you had a fantastic weekend doing whatever it is that you do. Alright, formalities aside – let’s get into some goddamn videos! Our first clip of the week comes from a very cool new Sydney band, formed by Bart Denaro, who used to play drums for funk band Kid Confucius (yeah, the “build words like Lego” band). They’re called Briscoe, and they were kind enough to share their debut video with me a few days ago. I’ve got to say, I had no idea what to think going into it, but am now completely sold on the band, the music and especially the video.

The story revolves around a bored, clearly unhappy office worker who goes about her days in the most depressing of manners. The footage of said unhappiness is interspersed with a chest of drawers that keeps bumping about the place. Are the two connected? They may well be, especially considering what the protagonist does next. What I like about the video is that it’s open to interpretation, and that it’s an ambitious first video. Normally, most bands would just settle for a performance in a room and leave it at that. Not these guys! This is clever, interesting and engaging stuff. Definitely ones to watch.


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