Watch This Now: M.I.A. – “Bad Girls”

“My chain hits my chest, when I’m bangin’ on the dashboard…”

Fresh from her Superbowl controversy and her fab new video with Madge, it seems Maya Arulpragasam is at a higher level of public attention than ever before. Fitting, then, that she continues on her blazing comeback trail with a great new video, Bad Girls. Firstly, relax: this isn’t anything like Born Free, the confronting nine-minute short based around the song of the same name in which redheads were rounded up and killed. Sure, that was a fucking fantastic video; but an attempt to try something like that again would be a bit much. We’re onto something different here. Very good, but very different.

The video, directed by Born Free‘s Romain Gavras, was shot in Morocco. This is an important aspect to the video – its location. Watching the video, which sees a lot of car-racing, stunt-driving and thrill-seeking, would almost certainly come across as contrived and materialistic were it set in New York, L.A. or the like. Due to its Moroccan location – with dirt roads, ancient buildings and men in keffiyehs – it comes across as more of a triumph. It’s a roundabout celebration of Middle Eastern culture by poking fun at Westernisation and spinning it on its head. Much like her antics on Monday, it will be viewed as a very blatant middle finger to the U.S. Still, she wasn’t scared then and she sure as hell won’t be scared now. The bitch is back.


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