Watch This Now: Kimya Dawson – “Solid and Strong”

“I feel like standing tall, and getting all of my ducks in a row…”

The world’s most uncool cool person. This, boys and girls, is Kimya Dawson – a singer, songwriter, mama and one of my personal heroes. Why? Pretty simple, really. She’s never stuck to any form of convention, she has a remarkable story and you can learn pretty much everything you need to know about life from her music. Her music will make you feel as though you and your life mean something. Not many musicians can do that. Oh, and for this blog’s sake, she’s got some super-sweet videos up her sleeve as well.

The last time we had her on, with the video for Driving Driving Driving, Kimya was making model volcanos with Aesop Rock and her daughter, Panda (pictured). This time around, Kimya takes Panda for a swim,and it’s adorably unpretentious. The synchronised swimming is daggy, the camera work is shaky, the miming to the song is off… much like Kimya’s music, it’s imperfectly perfect. Really, if you don’t get a smile watching Kimya and all of her friends dancing around the pool like utter dags, then maybe this friendship isn’t going to work out. A nice, big warm hug for your Friday morning. Go on. You deserve it.


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