Watch This Now: Coldplay – “Charlie Brown”

“Took a car downtown, and took what they offered me…”

After taking out a respectable postion in our top 30 videos of 2011, Coldplay have managed to kick off the year in style with the third single from Mylo Xyloto. I’m a big fan of what they’ve been doing aesthetically to promote the record, shedding the revolution-era coats and jackets and going for a bright Dayglo theme in its place. It adds to the energy of the music found on MX, and brings another interesting concept into their music videos.

Whereas Every Teardrop is a Waterfall‘s video focused on the more arty side of things, the video for Charlie Brown is a much more human video, so to speak. Revolving around a love story of two delinquent teenagers, the clip follows their evening that leads up to – and cuts between – the Coldplay lads playing at the kind of small, intimate party that you would never expect the biggest band in England to be playing at. Charlie Brown isn’t about the realistic side of things, though – it’s clearly just a release, a cry out to the world from the nearest mountaintop (or skyscraper, given the location).

The band have once again worked with director Mat Whitecross, and the guy seems to have a very clear idea of what to get out of the band – at times literally. When Chris Martin is singing to the camera, promisng that “We’ll be glowing in the dark,” you can only guess what is happening behind him as the lights flicker. Genius, really. They’re onto something with Mat here – and despite there being no Peanuts cameos, I think it should definitely continue. See what you think.


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