Watch This Now: Sweet Sweet Lies – “The Day I Change”

“The only things I’ve ever planned are meals and how to die…”

Here’s an interesting one from across the pond in Brighton, England. Sweet Sweet Lies originally released this song back in 2010, with a very interesting video revolving around a couch, some alcohol and that old black magic. It’s been re-recorded and re-released as a part of the band’s debut album, entitled The Hare, The Horse and the Tortoise, and they’ve decided it was good enough to be given a second run as a single. After watching both videos, I say why the hell not? After all, this is a little bit fantastic.

The updated version of the clip is a fascinating watch if only for just how damned miserable the whole thing is. There’s moping in the bath, long walks along the beach and more than a few glares directly down the barrell of the camera. Like a 3.5-minute session of Schadenfreude, however, it’s easy to take pleasure in The Day I Change. It’s great viewing, with some very tense moments and beautiful seaside locations – in dreary weather, of course. Suited-up misery has rarely looked or sounded this good.

Take a look at both versions of the clip and see which one you prefer.




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