Watch This If You Dare: The All-American Rejects – “Beekeeper’s Daughter”

“You’re a pretty little flower, but I’m a busy little bee…”

It’s been a long, downward, spiralling slope for The All-American Rejects. They went from cute, fun pop-punk band, to tolerable pop-rock band, to irritating pop band… to this. This, ladies and gentlemen, is AAR’s Nickelback moment. Their sell-out anthem to end all other sell-out anthems. Their destiny as a boring, soulless, pompous corporate rock band has finally been fulfilled. And haven’t they picked a great video to go along with it?

Naturally, the clip revolves around vocalist Tyson Ritter, who has been using the band as a vehicle for his messiah complex for quite some time now. It’s narcissistic to the point that the rest of the band do not appear in the video until there is less than a minute to go, and even then they’re reduced to little more than background fodder. Yep, it’s the Tyson show, as he runs around his own little obnoxious musical, presumably in his own head. For trainspotters, it’s a bit like Bjork‘s It’s Oh So Quiet video – except for the fun, the joy, the excitement and the presence of a good song. Pretty tragic, really – but that’s what I’ve come to expect from this lot since Gives You Hell. Such a shame, considering how fun their first two records were. Ah well, they’re the ones getting paper. Clearly at a higher level of artistic integrity than I, the humble blogger. Fuck this band, though, really.

5 responses

  1. Seems a bit harsh. I mean, this band has written bubblegum pop since day one, how is this sellout material? Lead singer does seem a bit douchey, but that’s what the song is about, right? I honestly thought the video was pretty ambitious and weird, in a good way. Wish more pop bands took risks with their videos.

    1. Like I said, they’ve been making pop music for ages, but it’s just gotten more synthetic and syrupy as their discography progresses. Nothing like this would have ended up on the first AAR record – I mean, it sounds more like Nickelback than anything they’ve done before.

      Plenty of great pop videos out there – this just isn’t one of them.


      1. I get it if you don’t like it, but nickelback? Horn sections, Queen-esque guitar solos, 70s funk guitar and bass on the verses- if anything, I’d say this is the least straightforward single these guys have ever released. Would be surprise if it were as successful as their last few hits.

  2. Wow, bass on the verses – definitely a huge progression for the band.

    On second thoughts, it’s less Nickelback and more Michael Buble.

  3. sigh, whatever.

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