Watch This Now: OKGO – “Needing/Getting”

“I’ve been sitting around, wasting my time, wonderin’ what you’ve been doing…”

Can you believe that OKGO‘s third album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, recently turned two years old? It seems like only a couple of years ago when it wasn’t. Those fuckers haven’t been slacking off since its release, mind. Here’s a brief on everything they have done, music video-wise, in promotion of the record:

  • Tripped major balls using some dollar-store props and a cheesy computer effect
  • Made two videos for the same song – one a marching band, one a Rube Goldberg machine – with both scoring in the top 5 of Y,WGAV!’s top 30 videos of 2010
  • Spent an entire day dancing around a park in slow motion
  • Turned loaves upon loaves of bread into toast, and then made stop-motion art out of it
  • Choreographed some genius dogs and had a big crazy party with them
  • Got in turquoise jumpsuits and created a human kaleidoscope with an interactive video
  • Hung out with the freaking Muppets!

Yeah, those fuckers have been busy.

It’s time to bring it all to an end, though. You are about to watch the final video from Of the Colour of the Blue Sky. Still, what a way to go out! Here, our heroes have packed into a Chevrolet, stuck a bunch of microphones and wires on top of it and driven around 2 miles of desert outside of LA. The course driven involves hundreds of pianos, guitars and weirdly musical non-instruments. It’s a brilliant excercise in precision – they had to drive at the exact right speed at the exact right angles in order for this video to work. It’s enthralling to watch, too – as if any of their videos aren’t!

It could be argued – quite successfully, too – that OKGO are the ultimate music video devotee band. Can you think of any other acts that always go to this extent for their clips? This level of insanity? This constant pursuit of uniqueness and originality? Yeah, I’m caling OKGO the winners on this one.

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