Old Favourites: Feist – “1234”

“Sleepless long nights, that is what my youth was for…”

Tonight is pretty exciting, folks. I get to see the delightful Miss Leslie Feist do what she does best (sing, play music, melt hearts) at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre, a sideshow from her touring with Laneway Festival. I thought I would celebrate this fact by revisting one of her finest moments. Sure, this is the obvious choice for many when it comes to Feist videos, and the song apparently pisses her off so much that she doesn’t play it live anymore. Still, when it comes to Leslie’s best clip, it is remarkably hard to go past this one when it comes down to it.

It begins with Leslie on her lonesome, walking into an empty room with nothing but her adorable bangs and that sequined blue jumpsuit. Then, it begins: The colour! The dancing! The twirls! The choreography! No wonder Feist was asked to re-do the song for Sesame Street – the wonder and the joy found in this video surely inspires awe in all ages. More the shy, inward type, it seemed out of character for Feist to attempt something like this – but I’m so glad that she did. An unforgettable technicolor pop moment of the 2000s. Everybody sing!

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