Watch This Now: Set Sail – “The Boat Song”

“I just can’t stop singing, oh how baby I love you…”

Man, I am in a great mood right now as I write this – and I can’t help but feel it’s because of what you are about to watch. Meet Set Sail, a charming three-piece pop/rock band from Sydney. You might have heard about them in the news recently due to their lead singer, Brandon Hoogenboom, after his recent deportation from Australia due to visa issues (read more over at Tone Deaf). Thankfully, the trio have taken it all in their stride, continuing to bring good vibes and positivity to their ever-expanding fanbase. Seriously, these guys must have popped up overnight – they’re at nearly 20 thousand Facebook fans!

Anyway, onto the matter at hand. Before all this mess, the band teamed up with animation collective Oh Yeah Wow to bring us this adorable clip that packs as much as it possibly can into its brief running time. The band are out at sea, having a whale of a time (forgive the pun)… that is, of course, until an evil sea monster takes off with their boombox! What a bastard! Will they get it back? Oh, of course they will – it’s all about the happy endings, after all! How they do it, however, is what makes this clip worth watching. A very impressive and super-sweet clip from a band that might be facing rough seas at the moment, but can always see the silver lining.

P.S: Don’t forget to click over here and join the campaign on Facebook to Bring Brandon Back!


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