Watch This Now: Die Antwoord – “I Fink U Freeky”

“Sexy boys, fancy boys, playboys, bad boys…”

Oh shit! Hey, everyone. Great to see you, and welcome to another year of Yes, We’ve Got a Video! We celebrate our second anniversary this year, which is incredibly exciting, so I decided to do it in super-cheap style and upgrade to Yep, we’re easier to find and more official than ever before. Feels pretty good, gotta say.

It’s now time to kick off the year in style, with the heroic return of South Africa’s richest of rags, the unstoppable Zef force that is Die Antwoord. After a massive 2011, they’ve returned to the studio to kick out album number two, entitled Ten$ion. The album is great, but the thing that is really going to get people talking is this fantastically creepy music video. A black-and-white montage of typical Antwoord insanity, there’s dead animals, dancing kids, lots of dirt, cockroaches, a deformed elephant man… really, were you expecting anything less than batshit? It works remarkably well with the song itself, however, so there’s little to complain about in that department. Director Roger Ballen seems to have a very comprehensive idea about what works for the band. I think they’d be wise to pair with him again in the future.

For Australian fans, the group are here next month as a part of Future Music Festival. They’ll also be doing their own shows in Sydney and Melbourne, however, so be sure to head along to that for a wild night out. I saw them twice back in January of last year and cannot recommend their live shows highly enough. Watch on – and make sure it’s in as high quality as possible. Every little detail makes this video what it is.

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