Watch This Now: The Bedroom Philosopher – “The 12 Days of Christmas”

“Four appalling turds, three French hitmen, two purple thumbs…”

An old friend of the blog, Justin Heazlewood – aka The Bedroom Philosopher – recently dropped a great EP just in time for the holidays entitled A Very Beddy Christmas. In typical Beddy Philly style (nickname copyright to Robin Waters of The Boat People), Justin has taken some classic carols and given them a demented and hilarious twist. Here, Justin is not getting presents over The 12 Days of Christmas from his “true love.” Nope, it’s an ex-girlfriend. And BOY, does she have some issues.

This is a very basic visual retelling of the song, but it adds significantly to the song’s humour when you see all of the gifts being delivered day by day. It’s an evil masterplan on the ex-girlfriend’s behalf – and wait until you see what drops on the twelfth day! Great work from Justin and director Carlo Zeccola. Make sure you catch up with Beddy Philly as he opens for The Dresden Dolls nationally this January – I’ve got my ticket for the Sydney show and I cannot wait!

Oh – and look out for a cameo from Dave Callan! Love that guy!×298.jpg


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