Watch This Now: Bluejuice – “Act Yr Age”

“Why’d you wanna do it, why’d you wanna waste your time…”

Well, it’s here. Hi, by the way, sorry about the extended hiatus and whatnot, y’know how things are. Anyway, let’s talk about Bluejuice. They’ve never shyed away from an extravagant video – they’ve pretended to be a cult, cut their noses off, jumped out of planes and even learned how to jump rope. How do you top something like that to announce your imminent return?

Well, it doesn’t involve anything that’s truly crazy in theory, nor does it involve terrorising the children of Caloundra. What it does involve is a day at the park, some ice cream and a certain something catching vocalist Jake Stone‘s eyes that he simply can’t shake. Now, you’re probably one of the thousands who’ve seen this clip already and know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, though, then I’m not even going to dare spoiling it. All I can say is that Jake deserves some kind of award – Australian Of The Year at the fucking minimum.

This is a really well shot clip with a simple premise that works beautifully with the song. Probably not quite a vid that demands repeat watchings, but I’m sure you’ll figure out why momentarily.


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