Watch This Now: Björk – “Moon”

“As the lukewarm hands of the gods came down and gently picked my adrenalin…”

Do you ever sit back and wonder how the more eccentric stars of music manage to stay so weird? I’ve found myself asking this quite a bit as I watch the latest video from Björk, still with jaw agape and with my mind aflutter with bewilderment as usual. Björk is someone that I’ve always had a huge amount of admiration for – she has been giving the world of music a rush of innovative, exuberant and potentially even dangerious original ideas since before I was born; and even now she is still finding room to expand and evolve.

Her new release, Biophilia, is apparently some kind of multimedia extravaganza that I couldn’t even begin to explain. The clip for Moon is a part of it, in which she sports a wig that’s like Rihanna meets Erykah Badu, plays a harp THAT IS A PART OF HER DRESS and has the titular moon circling her the entire time. It’s pretty spectacular stuff, but it’s not like you’d expect anything less from someone like Björk. If you thought she couldn’t possibly still have anything left in the tank after all these years, then my advice would be to let her prove you wrong.


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