Watch This Now: Fireworks – “Arrows”

“If I started over, I’d do the same again…”

Well, I’ve gotta admit that I didn’t see this one coming. As much as I love pop-punk and how much it means to me, I don’t normally look to it for great clips. It’s often either just your stock-standard performance vid or compilations of tour footage – and, as fun as the latter can be, it’s not exactly inspired. So imagine my surprise when Detroit’s Fireworks came out of the blue with one of the most original videos of the year – I knew instantly that I had to share it about.

I’ve seen some fairly creepy imitations of humans in my time – the Manic Street Preachers and their civilsation of literally faceless people – but I’ve got to say that seeing pinata people – yeah, like the ones at kids’ parties filled with candy – have to be up there with the creepiest. The pinata people are being hunted by a crazed killer, complete with daggers, knives and…you guessed it…bow and arrows!  Will the creepy family survive? What’s the killer’s motive? Was that candy? Think you’ve got some watching to do, chief.


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