Watch This Now: Kate Martin – “Apples”

“We built this bridge as big as Brooklyn, it’s gonna burn…”

Here’s an adorable way to start your Tuesday: meet Kate Martin, a sweet-voiced and softly-spoken singer-songwriter all the way from Townsville in Queensland, Australia. And before I hear any groaning or complaining from up the back there, I’d like to point out that Kate is different to your average Julia Stone wannabe. There’s depth to this sound, an ethereal nature that arises somewhere in the ghostly harmonies and the melodies that are nigh-on impossible to get out of one’s head. Point is, I really like her. And I want to share her with you lot.

This gorgeous clip is shot in countryside Victoria. It’s not so much what happens in this video, but where and how. The video is essentially Martin and her band, The Shallow Sea Choir, driving along, playing in a field, discovering an abandoned house and sitting on a blanket on the grass. Fairly innocuous stuff, really – so it’s all in the gorgeous locations (where) and the warmth between the band members (how) that makes this such an utterly charming clip.

Somebody please whoop me upside the head if this lady makes it to Sydney and I miss out.


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