Old Favourites: Refused – “New Noise”

“We dance to all the wrong songs, we make all the wrong moves…”

There are some videos that you never forget from the very second that you watch them. One of the major ones for me was Refused, the iconic Swedish punks who more or less turned hardcore and punk rock on its head with their definitive LP The Shape of Punk to Come. This was essentially my first foray into hardcore music, and it completely terrified and exhiliarated me at the same time.

Though this is mostly a performance video, I love the bizarre build-up towards it, as well as the insanity that comes in the outro where the stage is taken over by the band wearing freaky masks. The energy of the song is perfectly reflected in this clip, and there’s a very good reason why this stands as one of the most-picked videos by rage guest programmers. If you’ve never experienced this, please be my guest.


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