Watch This Now: New Found Glory – “Radiosurgery”

“I’m a nervous wreck, my heart is beating out of my chest…”

Hey gang, welcome back for another week! Hope you had a killer weekend, as mine was flipping massive – shoutout to Changing Lanes festival for a damn good time. Anyway, upwards and onwards – first off the block is a video I got to see very late last week that I just knew I’d have to share on the blog this week. New Found Glory have been around the pop-punk traps for quite some time now, and they’re still one of the hardest working bands out there, following the album/tour cycle like it was some kind of religion. With that said, what you’re about to see and hear is probably one of the best things the band have done since at least 2004. It’s that good.

Shot as somewhat of a homage to the Ramones‘ classic I Wanna Be Sedated, the band are seen despondently playing along to their own song in a hotel room hallway. On its own, that would be a tad boring – so luckily there’s a myriad of crazy goings-on in the background, including presidential masks, fake fight scenes and what appears to be a Lady Gaga impressionist all partying down and making this video a lot more hilarious than it has any right to be. Really, it’s just great to see a band with a sense of humour about them – this is definitely one of the most fun videos of the year, and the fact that the song itself is insanely catch is certainly doing favours for them, too.


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