Old Favourites: Bit By Bats – “All Night”

“Blue eyes, blue eyes, she’s got blue eyes again…”

Occasionally, I’ll have a brainfart that will trigger some form of random nostalgia – and, once again, it’s come from the bloody mid-2000s. I swear I get musically nostalgic about other times, I swear I do! Anyway, today we’re headed to Brisbane for today’s trip, with a little band called Bit by Bats. Great name, right? In this clip, a little girl sees a mime/clown type terrorising two small boys – and, naturally, has decided that enough is enough. A brilliant chase scene follows as the girl steals the mime’s helium tank he was using to make balloons and runs off with it.

The chase is great on its own, but what’s probably the most entertaining aspect is that the mime stays in character for the entire thing – quite similar to our buddies in Art vs. Science for the Parles Vous Francais? video. It’s very clever, and works remarkably well for what was clearly a smaller budget than your average. My only question that’s left is whatever happened to these guys? I know they split, but are any of them still making music? If anyone’s got any leads, please drop me a line at gotavideo@gmail.com – would love to find out!


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