Watch This Now: Lisa Crawley – “Blind Eyes”

“It has decided that it will not go on, what a shame…”

Just one thing on the blog that I felt compelled to share today, which is a downright gorgeous slice of indie/folk-pop from just across the sea over in New Zealand. Meet Lisa Crawley, a beautiful and talented twentysomething who’s just about to release her debut album, Everything That I Have Seen – on the date of my birthday, nonetheless! Clearly, my enjoyment of Lisa was meant to be. It was certainly improved tenfold after watching this very charming and clever video set to her latest single.

We’ve all gone through and scribbled out the faces of someone we don’t like in photos – especially past loves. What Lisa’s done with this video, however, is take that idea and run with it: what would happen if every experience you’d had involving that person would involve their scribbled-out form? It’s a cute, funny idea that works really well with the song and is quite impressive when one considers this was probably put together on a relatively low budget. Unassuming and sweet, I really like both what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard from Lisa – and I hope you do too!


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