Old Favourites: Morningwood – “Nth Degree”

“I’ve got my family, and one big bed is all we need…”

This next blog is for two women – Lauren Umstad and Chantal Claret. The former is the girl with which I fell in love with this band, and particularly this song and video, way back when in the mid-2000s. The latter is the woman who fronted this band, both a delight and an assault on the senses at the same time. I was particularly blown away by her, and that’s why I need to know… what the hell happened?

This video is freaking AWESOME, dude! Even in my ragged older years, I can still go right back to being that powerpop-obsessed high school kid of the mid-2000s in an instant as soon as I click play on the video you see below you. It’s a brightly coloured sugar rush, parodying a tonne of majorly cliched LP covers and bringing them to life – my personal favourites are the hair-metal band and the roller-disco troupe, just because they look like they were bullshit amounts of fun. You can hardly disagree with me on that one, right?

So, firstly, Lauren – hi! I haven’t heard from you in ages and I hope everything is rad! Remember how GOOD this was? Oh man.

Secondly, Chantel, on the very very very slight chance that you may read this – what the hell are you doing with yourself, lady? I know that you married Little Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence (where the hell are they, btw?), but musically I have no idea what you’re doing. If it’s nothing, WHY ARE YOU DOING NOTHING? LOOK AT THIS! C’MON!!! I’m probably wayyy too emotionally invested in a three-minute powerpop song, but I don’t think I could even begin to describe the obsession that came with this song. Just watch and see if you can figure it out.


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