Watch This Now: Snow Patrol – “Called Out in the Dark”

“This is your life, this is your time…”

Remember Snow Patrol? Unfortunately, a lot of you might not – their only major international hit was also probably their worst song, Chasing Cars. They’ve got a stack of other excellent tunes in their canon, however, and this latest single is an addition to that. After a tonne of boring, self-serious videos following Chasing Cars, too, they’ve thankfully gotten their sense of humour back with this charming new clip – it’s a win-win situation right here.

The classic “video within a video” concept has been tried and tested many a time…but what would happen if you were forbidden from starring in your own video? That’s what’s happened to poor old Gary Lightbody – just as he begins filming the video within the video, the director calls for Gary to come in – which is some prettyboy in a suit! Whaaaa? Confusion ensues and it all gets even crazier from there, as the real Gary tries to worm his way back into camera’s view. It’s a very sweet, dorky video – great to see the band not taking themselves too seriously anymore, as it’s clearly working in their favour!


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