Watch This Now: Battles feat. Gary Numan – “My Machines”

“My machines sing songs for you to live for…”

Hey gang! Have a good weekend! I know I did. Exhausting as fuck, but very good all the same. Enough chitter-chatter, anyways, it’s time to get down to business – and what better way to kick off than with a phenomenal new clip from one of the most unlikely pairings of the year. In the blue corner – Battles, the experimental three-legged dog who have smashed things up with their excellent Gloss Drop record and the strangely sexy Ice Cream video. In the red corner – Gary Numan, he of Cars and The Mighty Boosh fame who has developed a significant underground following for his sharp turn into industrial music. Together, they’ve created the brilliant My Machines – and the brilliance doesn’t just stop at the song.

After chasing after his son up a busy escalator, a man finds himself in the awful predicament of being trapped, tumbling down an escalator. That’s the bare-bones concept of what’s going on in this clip, and on its own it really shouldn’t work. With some amazing direction and smart editing, however, it all comes together beautifully. It’s intense at times, but always fascinating viewing that will have you glued right down to the final seconds. Can he get out? Will he get out? Why is Gary Numan not helping the poor guy? All this and more when you click below!

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