Watch This Now: Heroes for Hire – “Secrets, Lies and Sins”

“I woke up from dreaming, and I was lying naked on the bathroom floor…”

Happy Friday, boys and girls! What a hectic week it’s been on our return, but I’d just like to give a really massive thank you to everyone for their support since we started back up. I really appreciate anyone and everyone taking the time to read what I have to say about music videos – it’s not much, but it sure is something to me. Aaaaaaaanyways, let’s get on to a juicy little clip from a band I’ve had a love/hate relationship with for quite some time – as in, I used to hate them and now I kind of love them.

They’ve certainly gotten their shit together on their latest album, Take One for the Team, which has easily been one of my most-played Aussie albums of the year. They’ve clearly got a good eye for videos, too, as I’ve found with this very entertaining clip. It’s essentially the HfH crew trashing a house, partying and setting shit on fire. Pretty stock-standard for any band trying to go for the frat/partyboy image, but at least they do it with a bit less pretension than you’d get out of most bands trying to do the same thing. I definitely had a giggle at more than a few kerrazy things the guys got up to with this clip, as well as the cameos from other bands – some great (whaddup, Highways?) and some not-so-great-at-all-in-fact-they’re-terrible (Short Stack and The Bride). Something for everyone, of course. Have a squiz and get on board with these kids.


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